Anonymous asked:

i'm somebody who actually has DID and i find your comic and portrayal amazing. :) it's funny, i've met plenty of people with the same condition as me and we joke about it and even find characters that have DID pretty cool. i love mike! I've found that most of the people who complain aren't those who have DID at all. makes you wonder why? :/

td-altercation answered:

Aw, thanks, man! I actually tried to do a lot of research - even now, i’m getting recommended to studies and stuff haha - and I’ve tried to put everything under the scope of actual DID. the writers got so /close/ that it makes me cry, almost. They were so close to doing it right.

The people that complain - well, it depends on who, I guess. There are a lot of people that weigh in on the issue with an actually great point of view - one person with actual DID who found him offensive, another few people with other mental disorders that found him offensive, but on the other side of the fence, I guess you, and other people with other mental disorders that almost found him inspiring!

Except for the button. Everyone hates that button, but I don’t think the mike haters realize the mike fans hate the button too?

There are just a lot of people that hate mike because, i guess, they aren’t really thinking that hard about why. You know? They found people saying he’s offensive, they get the gist of it - the button - and then they have their opinion from just that. “okay, he’s offensive”, they think, and now everything they do in relation to him is bent on trying to prove that point, both to themselves and to other people. Is he offensive? in some ways, yeah, sure, i can totally see where he would be. Is he inspiring? yes, in other ways, I can totally see where he would be. I don’t think I should be allowed an opinion on this, since I’m neurotypical, but I do feel like my opinion on the people with these opinions can be at least considered.

Not to mention a general air on tumblr and its extraordinarily black-and-white thinking. it goes like this: “If these people like this person who is OBVIOUSLY HORRIBLE IN EVERY WAY then they must also be HORRIBLE IN EVERY WAY. once they understand how HORRIBLE he is they’ll come over to our (the VERY CORRECT) side. So that means that we have to convince then that they are HORRIBLY WRONG IN EVERY WAY and that we are VERY CORRECT IN EVERY WAY and there is NO ROOM FOR ANYTHING IN BETWEEN,” you know what I mean?

either that, or, and i sincerely hope this isn’t the case, some of these people pop a boner over the adoration they get from shutting down any honest attempt at conversation with “kill mike”. But, again, I hope from the bottom of my heart that this is NOT the case, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t, too. These people are better than that. That’s what I want to keep hoping from the bottom of my soul.

But, hey! It’s actually a huge honor that someone with DID found my blog interesting and (hopefully) accurate. If you wanna just have a chat, you know, about where the comic would’ve gone if I’d kept it up, then go ahead and ask, man. c:

Anonymous asked:

when will you be working on chapter 2?

td-altercation answered:

probably never, though if you want to share skype details or message me over fanmail (i’d prefer skype, since then I can read my own responses hahah) Id be happy to fill you in on every plot twist and turn that was ever planned out.

if you want to know why: the fandom drives me nuts, and I’m kinda tired of it. Full rant is under the cut, if you want to read that, but suffice to say that I refuse to be a part of that environment.

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